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Atbee is here to help you live a healthier lifestyle simply

365 days a year

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How it Works

Your Personal Nutrition Assistant

Atbee is your personal nutrition assistant providing you with nutritious food options and healthy alternatives to the situations that arise in your daily life. Whether you want to lose weight, feel better, or just be a little healthier; Atbee is here to help.

Healthy Packages tailored to Your Situation

Atbee’s signature packs are specifically personalized for your daily situations. Whether you are sick, can’t fall asleep, or need an energy boost, an Atbee pack is there with healthy options ready to treat your problem!

Nutritional Meals From Local restaurants

No more excessive delivery fees and minimum delivery prices, Atbee hand picks the best delicious healthy meals from your local restaurants and delivers them to your door in under one hour with one minimum delivery fee!

Instant Nutritional Information From Local Restaurants

With Atbee you are informed about your food, we provide easily accessible nutritional information from the local dishes in your area at the palm of your hand. Get instant healthy facts about what you are eating!

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